God Brought Home to Me

At a recent camp we had one of the most touching words from a father to express his gratitude. This father thanked us for the program and said it had really brought his 6-year-old son and him closer together. Then he said, “You know, I have prayed for a long time to be released from prison early. I wanted to be released so that I could go home and be with my son. He needs a father to be with him and show him how to grow up. And also, I just wanted to go home to my family. For the longest time, I thought God did not answer my prayer. But God has answered my prayer today through this program. He has brought home to me today! God has allowed me to spend the day with my son just as if we were home together. I will be going home soon and I am thankful for that, but I will be forever grateful for this day with
my son.”