Other Plans

The Holy Spirit revealed himself to me when Andrew advised me that we had a little girl who didn’t want to be with her daddy. She stayed in the prayer room and wouldn’t budge. I asked the men in white who were serving the camp as stewards to fervently pray for this situation. They began praying in earnest.

After a short while we brought Daddy in and he sat across the room from her giving her lots of space. He read his love letter to her and choked back a few tears. The mentor that was assigned to this little girl was perfect. She didn’t push, and gave the little girl lots of room. Then we coaxed her and Daddy to sit in the hall so they could see the strong man performance. Eventually they made their way into the main chapel and had a wonderful day together.

I saw Daddy at the balloon release and his little girl was hanging all over him. She was laughing, hugging and kissing him. He told me later, “Thank you for being patient.” I told him he received something that no other daddy did: he had extra one-on one-time with his daughter that none of the other men got to experience. The devil tried to defeat this family, but God had other plans. Amen — A Texas Couple