Just Like Dad

What a joy it has been to know Austin and his father. In 2005, Forgiven Ministry received a letter from this young boy. The following are portions of his heart on paper:

“Thank you so much for the July 16th One Day with God and my daddy. He went to jail when I was 2. Until this day, I had never seen my dad eat or run. He can run very fast. He loves popcorn just like me. I got my first piggy back ride from Daddy. I am 9 years old and weigh 86 lbs. He said he would have carried me even if I was 186 lbs. because he loves me so much. We eat hot dogs just alike; he pulls the wiener out of the bun just like me. I started asking God for the prison to let you do one camp a month. Thank you for loving us enough to do this. I pray for you every night.”

Austin and his father have done 7 camps together and enjoyed every second of every day.